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Coping with stress at work: three inspirational stories leave deep advices on stress management

We are crazy about work to pursue our own dreams, and they are often very traditional - possessing valuable materials, being widely recognised and respected, having a happy marriage, and etc. No matter you are a blue-collar or white-collar worker, you must overwhelm yourself in numerous tasks and assignments at work, and as a result, many of us have become workaholic (If you want to know more about this fact, have a look at my writing on Work-life balance). The most obvious consequence of overwork and the lack of skills is stress.

Why people do what they do ? - Techniques you inspire others at work

One of the most important questions that humankind have been seeking the answers for thousands of years since we evolved from apes is “Why we do what we do?”, or “Why people do what they do?”. The question has lingered from generation to generation, and psychologists have explained the reasons for centuries by authentic and lively examples that happened around their lives.

Work culture - what you should know about

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Before packing all your stuff for your travel to a faraway country, first and foremost you study about that country’s culture. For example, if you are from Europe and you are planning for a wonderful trip to Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in your whole three summer months, do you read about culture there, a completely different world in comparison to your hometown, your country, and even your continent? You probably read about the most visible aspects of culture from religion, beliefs, politics, people’s behaviours, food, and traditional customs, to the smallest details in the daily life of people in that region, such as basic traffic regulations and culinary styles. Learning other cultures and adapt ourselves to them is a distinct of humankind, although it’s not compulsory. That’s why Saint Ambrose in the 4th century said that “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.