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What makes a great manager?


The difference between a bad manager and a good one is usually quite obvious. The manager's job is to lead and supervise people, if these people feel that there is a lack of direction and that they are unable to trust their team members, then there is a problem with the management.

However, the differences between mediocre/good managers and great ones are often much more subtle. Great managers are also great leaders and have an understanding of people, they possess the highly mysterious and difficult to define "people skills". Simply put they are able to get the people they are managing to do what they want, and do it well, without coming off as bossy or rude.

KASH - Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits: General, Importance and necessity

Knowledge, Habits, Attitude, Skills, KASH

Let’s be clear and concise. People talk about KASH, which abbreviates for Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. Why should you care? A recent study by Hank Czarnecki has found that most organisations and people spend their time and money developing the left half of the KASHbox (Knowledge and Skills) and most terminations and business failures are due to weaknesses in the right half of the KASHbox (Attitudes and Habits). However, these four factors go hand in hand and unfortunately, you can’t succeed without any of them.

Differences in the workplace: How to deal with them

We all are different. Differences in every aspect of life and the ways to approach certain problems derive from differences in our thoughts. Even when we agree on one thing it does not necessarily mean we have the same opinion about it. For example, Jonas and I both love the song “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton, and we often close our eyes, humming slightly along with the lyrics when the song is played. However, when asked why we love it, each of us gives very different answers.